Prepositions – Get over it!


preposition is a word which governs a noun or a pronoun and connects it to anything else if the sentence or clause.  Prepositions are words or groups of words that introduce phrases; and these phrases modify some element in a sentence. What follows a preposition is normally a noun, pronoun, or noun clause. A word that follows a preposition is its object, and, in the case of pronouns especially, this affects the form of the word.

  • Within the dark cave, he felt the presence of death.
  • Beneath the shadowed moon, the trees danced gracefully throughout the night.

Here are the main prepositions:



  1. Look at the image below
  2. Write a paragraph of five sentences, each starting with a different preposition



6 thoughts on “Prepositions – Get over it!

  1. Between the tall, dark trees, there laid a small hill on which I stood.Behind me, I felt a presence which caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. Above me head, there ware ropes tied to the tree branches, which held the helpless victims feet. Beneath my feet, i realised i stood on a grave stone, my name printed across it. In front of me, stood a tree, cabed into a skull.

  2. Below the brooding sky, the forest embraced my anxious form as I stumbled through its murky recesses. Behind me, lay the safety of the cottage, ahead lay only uncertainty and fear. Above me, the trees leered at me, reaching down as if to snag and capture me as I passed. Within the confines of this natural prison, I was helpless and isolated; abandoned and alone.

  3. Around the city, there is a dark ans scary forest… Between the trees you can listen to voices and screams from behind the path… At the top you can see bats everywhere. Outside you can see a strong light… Below the forest people were buried…

  4. between the trees there was a fragile dog with its owner. On the trees it looked as if there was a skull face. outside was a misty and dark. inside the alley of trees was dark but at the end was a bright white light.

  5. around me i was surounded by the dark cold forest. infront of me the trees blew in the wistling the end of the cold path was fog which soon became darkness.

  6. Within the dark shadowing woods, I stood alone. Beneath the over grown trees, I felt trapped like I would never escape. Between me and my dog was a ghostly atmosphere. Beyond the frozen expansive lake I saw a mysterious figure, staring at me.

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