Welcome Samuel Whitbread Academy English Students!

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

This September sees the spiffing English Department at Samuel Whitbread Academy looking forward to a challenging, yet exciting academic year, in which we hope to build on last year’s many successes.  We were so incredibly pleased in August to achieve some excellent GCSE and A Level results, and congratulate all our wonderful students who worked so hard to achieve them.  Our three A-level classes performed admirably, with three students achieving the coveted A* grade, and our AS groups also did very well. Our GCSE results were outstanding, with many students achieving the highest grades in both Literature and Language. Consequently, there was many a proud teacher sniffling.

This new academic year we are looking forward to even greater accomplishments from our students… no pressure. We hope that all students reach their potential and achieve the grades they deserve next summer. Once again, we will be running many revision sessions and coursework surgeries to give students the best possible chance of success. Please keep an eye on the each Year’s page and our departmental Twitter account (@EnglishSamWhit)  for useful revision tips and materials.

The new iGCSE syllabus begins this year for the majority of students in Year 10, who will have the new challenges of coursework and exams to overcome.  It is particularly important that students attend all their English lessons this year, and avoid missing them at all costs. This includes early skiing trips which just make the teachers ridiculously jealous and more susceptible to failing your work out of spite.  The timetable to get all the work completed is very tight, and we want all our students to do the very best they can.

In Year 9 we have made some large-scale changes to our programmes of study, and introduced a whole new range of texts and assessment to help our students in their progress towards success at GCSE.  Our students will study a cluster of fictional and non-fictional texts which are linked by a common theme. It’s all rather splendiferously exciting!

Finally, it doesn’t matter who the devil you are;  whether you’re a Year 11 student hoping to achieve an A* in your English Language GCSE this November, a Year 10 following the new course or a fresh-faced Year 9 student keen to show your enthusiasm for the greatest subject offered at school; this blog has been designed with you in mind! As the term progresses, help will be at hand in the form of posts and resources for you, to help improve your exam skills and support you through the courses! Please peruse our regularly updated posts on a vast range of topics, ask that burning question you had forgotten in class, or simply leave a comment stating how wonderfully inspiring your (PE) teacher is – the choice is yours! This blog is designed to give you as much support as possible through your time at Samuel Whitbread.

And thus, I will leave you with this inspirational quote from one of the modern greats,

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” (Taylor Swift)

Best wishes and good luck for this year!

The English Department


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